Carly's Story
Carly Fiorina worked her way through undergraduate and graduate school and began her business career as a secretary for a small business. She became the first woman to lead a Fortune 20 company, serving as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett-Packard from 1999 to 2005. She was named Fortune’s Most powerful Woman in Business for six consecutive years.

During her tenure at HP, Carly led the reinvention of this legendary company, tripling its rate of innovation, achieving market leadership, transforming its cost structure and accelerating growth. Despite controversy and opposition, she successfully acquired and integrated Compaq Computer, in what is now seen as the most successful high-tech merger in history. Under her leadership, HP doubled in revenues to $88 Billion and generated 11 patents a day, with significantly improved profitability and cash flow. HP became a leader in every product category and market segment in which it competed.

Carly is one of the most recognized business leaders in the world and an opinion leader who champions innovation, competitiveness and job creation. She also is actively engaged in policy formulation and philanthropy. Among her many activities, Carly currently serves as Chairman of Good360, the world’s largest product philanthropy organization. She also is an outspoken advocate for leveraging women as a resource to solve our most pressing problems. She is the founder of the One Woman Initiative and now serves as a Global Ambassador for Opportunity International. She has also served on the Defense Business Board, as the Chairman of the CIA’s External Advisory Board and on the Advisory Group for Transformational Diplomacy for the Department of State. She has been a member of the Boards of Kellogg Company, Cisco Systems, Merck and Taiwan Semiconductor.

She is politically active and has championed free enterprise, private sector job creation, economic growth and fiscal conservatism. Carly has served as Victory Chair for John McCain and a co-chair for Mitt Romney. She is also engaged in national policy formulation, serving as a Senior Advisor for the Center of Strategic and International Studies where she is also a Co-Chair for US Leadership in Development.  She serves on the Board of Directors for the Initiative for Global Development. She is a founding supporter of the African Leadership Academy.She has been speaking to job creators around the country about those things that as Republicans we can all agree on –

Republicans will seek to decentralize power--leaving decisions and money in the hands of states--better yet voters--rather than centralize it in Washington.

Republicans will put their faith in the individual’s ability to make better choices for their families and their businesses vs. Democrats who will focus on bigger government and government institutions to solve today’s challenges.

Republicans will trust private sector job creators over government agencies, tax dollar stimulus and regulation to make better decisions for our economy and ultimately create sustainable jobs.

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Carly Fiorina
Thank You California
As I have traveled up and down this great state, I've been touched by the tremendous outpouring of support I've received from voters who share my love for California and my concern for our state and our nation's future. I have been deeply moved by your boundless energy and your unwavering dedication, and I hope you will join me in pledging never to cease working to take Washington back, make it listen and make it work. Thank you so much for your help, your support and your prayers.

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